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Transamerican Love Story news/blog roundup, 10 March

Some recent Transamerican Love Story news and blog entries:

Springtime blossoms (Zack Rosen @ Washington Blade, March 7, 2008)

Logo is breaking new ground with its dating show “Transamerican Love Story.” Refreshing for its lack of sensationalism, “Transamerican” is an elimination dating show starring transgender woman Calpernia Addams, who chooses one of eight suitors to be her main man.

Success of a self-published author (eden @ notes from eden)

Transamerican Love Story and Transamerican Love Story (cont.) (jackal @ livejournal)

Head Case – Meet the T in LGBT (michael demarco @ camp)

Fair Game (Faith Salie @ Public Radio International [About 25% of the way through])

Calpernia Addams in Transamerican Love Story VBLOG episode 4 (medavog @ youtube)

Logo has put up two new photosets of stills from the beach episode and the club episode, for those who would like to see the guys strutting their stuff.

Don’t miss the next episode, when we head out to a Country & Western bar. Everything’s all fun and games till Calpernia heads back for dinner with the guys, and moods go south quickly!

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