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Transamerican Love Story news/blog roundup, 6 March

From Transamerican…

Above: Andrea James on location for Transamerican Love Story

Lotsa new stuff today:

MapaCAM: Club Night (alec mapa @

<a href="" title=”Andrea James“>Andrea James

Eagle-eyed viewers will see our pals James St. James, Chris Crocker, Miss Kitty, Willam Belli, and drag legend Momma (pictured above), among other club luminaries in Alec’s video.

Transamerican Love Story Photo Recap Mar 3rd edition (nadia @ nadia’s transgender

TLS: Take Four (jim via wow report)

Weekly TV Round Up (bianca @ school for scandal)

Calpernia interview (PRI’s “Fair Game” with Faith Salie)

transamerican love story 3&4 (nexy via nexy’s cocoon)

Transamerican Love Story – Episode 04 Thoughts (calpernia addams @

I also added a couple of new shots on my Picasa and Flickr albums.

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