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Transamerican Love Story news/blog roundup

In “I Love the Nightlife,” episode 4 of Transamerican Love Story, Calpernia invites the bachelors to her favorite LGBT nightclub to watch her perform a sexy burlesque dance to “Stunning.” Then the guys are challenged to follow suit, to bump and grind for her and an audience of club kids and fabulous judges.

OK, so Calpernia eliminated Peter after learning at their one-on-one date that he gets even more chatty when drunk. I was pushing for her to ditch Mark because he wouldn’t do the challenge like everyone else and for being a general ass, but in her defense, we didn’t know how mean Mark was being to everyone when we weren’t around.

Mike usually doesn’t do much for me, but he was undeniably fantastic performing at the club. He moved way up in my book!

You can watch our wrap-up on Logo:

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