Andrea James

Ivy Plus Society; Transamerican Love Story episode 3

Even though awards season has officially ended, the parade of evening events continues. Callie and I headed out to Falcon for an Ivy Plus Society event at Falcon. Last time I was there was for the Big Gay Sketch Show premiere. We got good drinks because Callie knew one bartender from Bar Sinister, and we had a couple of nice chats. More events pics as they come in.

It got to be a bit of a crush after a while, so we headed out and watched the Transamerican Love Story episode 3 over at my place. Calpernia had seen a rough cut the other day, but I hadn’t seen it yet. The bikini part of it was so last-minute that wardrobe didn’t have time to get anything, and I didn’t even have time to go get one myself. At wardrobe we had tried on all kinds of little sailor suits, so I thought that was going to be the only thing I wore. Had I known sooner, I’d have found something cuter than my ancient green and black two-piece. At least they shot me from some OK angles. I got a couple of good lines off, too. It’s a lot harder to do that than you’d think, since they only use a fraction of what they shoot. You’re just throwing off comments and one-liners all day while drinking martinis and trying to suck in your stomach. You try it sometime!

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