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TLS blog/podcast/youtube roundup, 20 February

This roundup from the blogosphere includes feedback from two of the charming bachelors on Transamerican Love Story:

TLS: Take Two (jim via wow report)

Episode 1, featuring: The Obligatory Porn Star! (shawn @ transameriblog)

Episode 2: You’re a turkey. (shawn @ transameriblog)

Other blogs of note:

One of These Women Was Born a Man! (staff @ tmz)

Take Two (riftgirl @ being t)

138: Butthole (marina @ i love lard)

Because Reality TV is the perfect vehicle for Trans awareness! (bianca @ school for scandal)

Presidential pardon for crimes of douchebaggery (bianca @ school for scandal)

The YouTube series about TLS by medavog continues:

Calpernia Addams in Transamerican Love Story episode 2 (medavog @ youtube)

Another YouTuber made nice tributes of Calpernia and me:

Calpernia Addams (krobe68 @ youtube)

Andrea James (krobe68 @ youtube)

Any tribute with a little Stryper in it is AOK in my book! I even remember the video! Thanks, Kev! wink

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