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MAGNET press release on the “LGBtotheT” launch

MAGNET’s Ashley Love just sent out a press release about the LGBtotheT launch:

“LGBtotheT” Launches!

“Transamerican Love Story” is the elimination dating show on Logo featuring a trans woman bachelorette, and will premiere next Monday, February 11th @ 10pm. The show stars trans activist/actress Calpernia Addams, and follows her in her quest for love as she chooses between eight suitors to hopefully find that special one. Helping her out will be the host of the show, Alec Mapa, and her best friend Andrea James, trans activist and filmmaker.

Logo consulted with MAGNET (Media Advocates Giving National Equality to Trans) to help create online content to use as promotion for the show. This television show will be high visibility for the trans community, which is why Logo decided to incorporate education of the trans community on their website,

“LGBtotheT AtoZ” is a trans community edu-tainment digiseries devised by MAGNET in collaboration with Logo. MAGNET worked closely with Logo to generate a complete alphabet for the trans community, covering significant people, historical events, current issues and terms for the movement. Each letter is individual two-minute webisodes. In the segments MAGNET’s Ashley Love delivers the letter and its corresponding trans alphabet definition. Transsexual icon and star of the Logo series, “Transamerican Love Story”, Calpernia Addams, activist and co-star Andrea James and hilarious host Alec Mapa follow Ashley’s educational tone with lighthearted commentary on each topic. Two other “LGBtotheT” digiseries are currently in the works, so please stay tuned! “LGBtotheT AtoZ” is available at

Ashley expresses, “ MAGNET is really excited that Logo continues to use entertainment as a successful means to educate society about the trans community, especially since our community is becoming more visible in the media. I hope everyone will tune in to watch “Transamerican Love Story”, as well as view “LGBtotheT” online”.

To view “LGBtotheT”, here is the link:

Ashley Love – Founder of Media Advocates Giving National Equality to Trans (MAGNET)

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