Andrea James

I match “anal sex” in Wikia Search!

OK, so Wikia Search opened its alpha release up today. Naysayers lined up around the block to talk about how bad the results are, not understanding Wikia released a way to build a search engine with open source, not a finished product. I checked a few things out, made a disambiguation between me and some of the other cool women named Andrea James out there. I typed in the uberspam word ”viagra” and of course a spammer had already added a link to his site in the Mini-Article.

However, my favorite was when I started typing in other sex-related words (sex is of course a top search query). My profile came up as related on all of them. So if you type in “anal sex,” I come up as one of the the “people matching ‘anal sex.’” See the helpful screenshot above.

If that’s not an accomplishment, I don’t know what is.

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