Andrea James

Coyote sighting

On the way home tonight I saw a coyote. I hear them a lot, but I’ve only seen one in the yard once. Sometimes at night they will catch something in a nearby park, and a whole pack of them will start yelping and howling. It’s creepy but beautiful, if that makes sense. They kind of just look like dogs, but there’s something about the way they walk that says they are feral. It’s a tension in their muscles, as if they are more tightly wound than a dog. Since I was in the car and didn’t even have the camera out when I saw it, I didn’t have time to make the shot look all cool like the coyote in the film Collateral., which is one of the best movies in terms of capturing the feel of LA at night. Still, I was happy to get a shot of my friendly neighborhood coyote.

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