Andrea James

"Casting Pearls" festival screenings are winding down

This was probably the second-to-last big weekend of festival screenings for the short I directed, “Casting Pearls.” We played on both coasts, and we play again next weekend at the MiX NYC Queer Experimental Film Festival in Manhattan (SoHo). They have a lot of amazing stuff planned, so check it out even if you have seen our short. If it’s the last one we play in, that’s cool, because it’s a festival with such a great history. I mean, they have been doing their thing for 20 years, so they remember when New York City wasn’t all yuppified!

I’m really proud of the response so far, and it’s been especially gratifying to have been included in several “best of” series this year. Many festivals have stipulations that you can’t have aired the film before they show it, so now that it’s premiered on Logo’s Best in Short Film series and is available to watch online, the number of screenings will likely drop sharply.

Calpernia did a great job in a film that is almost pure performance, and I think it turned out OK for my first narrative short. Next up is probably something with a much different tone, but we will see how that goes! You never know out here!

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