Andrea James

Interview with Transamerica Director Duncan Tucker


by Gregg Shapiro, December 1, 2005

AE: Right, because it is very much transitional; these women are on a journey, in transition.
And Felicity in that scene at the party in Dallas with the other trans women, she was not the most feminine-looking woman in the room. (laughs) Some of the real trans women were a lot more petite and girly than she.

AE: I’m glad you mentioned that scene, because Calpernia Addams is in that scene. How did you come to work with here?
DT: Calpernia and her business partner Andrea James run a company called Deep Stealth to help consult with trans people, trans women (on) make-up, voice, carriage. Somehow,
I found them and was in touch with them, and then I put them in touch with Felicity and she consulted with them quite intensively in preparing for the role. And then I invited them both to be in the movie. Andrea gives the voice instruction at the very beginning, and Calpernia does a cameo for us at the Dallas party playing he fiddle. How many times do you get to see a room full of trans-suburban women singing “Home on the Range?”

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