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Note to self

Note to self

Don’t let people book you on 6am flights to LA. You end up in LA just in time for rush hour. At least I got a couple of interesting skyline shots as I sat in traffic. — Andrea James Facebook…

My insane new Dolce & Gabbana glasses

I mentioned that I had some new Dolce & Gabbana glasses sent by a reader, and here they are. I’ll get a shot of the sides soon. They are crazy intense! Thanks, Tracey! — Andrea James Facebook group Andrea James…

My first two impressions of Twitter

Over capacity. Technically wrong. Worthless. — Andrea James Facebook group Andrea James YouTube channel Andrea James on MySpace

Happy birthday Grandpa!

Happy birthday Grandpa!

My grandfather turned 98 this week. Amazing, both of them! — Andrea James Facebook group Andrea James YouTube channel Andrea James on MySpace

A couple of nice shout-outs

A couple of nice shout-outs

Meghan Stabler put up a nice shot taken when were were in Philadelphia with TYFA for the Trans-Heath Conference: I also made the list “103 Transpeople We Love 2008” over at Pam’s House Blend: Nice to be listed…

My friend and mentor Lynn Conway

Being so out about my trans history has allowed me to meet so many great people over the years. One of my all-time faves is Lynn Conway, who to me epitomizes what trans women can accomplish. She transitioned around the…

Remembering Brent

I learned that one of my friends from Chicago died this week. Brent was a super-sweet guy. He grew up in rural Indiana just like me, and we hung out almost every weekend for several years. His twin brother would…

Charlotte Stokely in American Apparel ad

Charlotte Stokely in American Apparel ad

I was delighted to see Charlotte Stokely in an American Apparel ad this weekend. She is in my opinion the hottest chick up in the scene, no question. — Join the Andrea James Facebook group <a href="" title=” Add me…

Stewart R. Mott, RIP

A few years ago, I got a rather amazing note via a high-end matchmaking service. I was invited to Bermuda by Stewart Mott for a weekend date. Now, being an ultra-liberal, I knew exactly who he was. The dude was…

Avatars as idealized self-perceptions

I always like to see how people make avatars of themselves within the confines of specific aesthetic systems. Above are examples of me as a Simpsons character and me as a Meez. I believe it says a lot about people’s…

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