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From Cat Litter Cake

Sunday I went to my friends’ house to enjoy some tasty Thai food and watch The Mighty Boosh. I had the same guests over last week, and they brought kickass lemon bars that were out of this world. After careful consideration, I decided the only dessert that could even come close was a delicious cat litter cake. Now, the canonical recipe calls for German chocolate cake, but I hate that cake. It also calls for pudding, but I am a vegetarian. So my improvised version looked (and tasted) just fine if I do say so myself.

Andrea’s Cat Litter Cake

Andrea James

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  1. 3-31-2008

    *grin* Cat litter cake is awesome.  I think the version that I have had is with german chocolate cake…

    I didn’t know you were vegetarian – Pudding is just milk, right?  Are you vegan?  I didn’t see you eating much at the dinner party in TLS, but I assumed that was just because it was awful.

  2. 3-31-2008

    I have been a vegetarian for seven or so years. Traditional pudding has blood in it, but American pudding usually has connective tissue like gelatin and stuff. I am not vegan, though I end up eating vegan fairly regularly.

    And yes, I missed out on the only good thing in the Southern meal at the mansion: the deep-fried turkey. It looked pretty tasty.

  3. 3-31-2008

    Ingenious!! … and also a bit disturbing! LOL

    Andrea, you’re definitely the Martha Stewart of faux cat poop recipes! smile

  4. 7-22-2008

    that is amazing!! Whats the other one worm food or something that looks like dirt with worms. Im def gonna try this. Great idea!!

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